National Motor Replacement Programme (NMRP)

The global industrial sector is the largest consumer of electricity, and motor systems comprise 70% of this consumption. The industrial sector in India consumes about 40% of the total electricity consumption, and electric motor-systems use 28% of total national electricity. Historically, the motors sold (and used by end-users) in India have lower energy efficiencies (IE-1 or less) than the ones available in the market. It is estimated that 90- 95% of the current installed stock of motors is at IE1 and sub-IE1 levels. The issue of multiple rewinding in the service life of motor(s) further reduces the efficiency drastically. This results in more energy consumption and ,therefore, affects the competitiveness of any business entity.

EESL’s Intervention

Following deliberations with multiple stakeholders, EESL has designed the National Motor Replacement Programme (NMRP) to promote the use of energy efficient motors that adhere to the IE-3 standard. The motors replacement programme offers appropriate technical specifications that consider key customer pain points viz. high initial costs, high operating and maintenance costs and quality of the products.

The primary objective of the National Motor Replacement Programme is to enable easier and faster adoption of premium efficiency IE-3 motors by the industry. Through demand aggregation, EESL is achieving an attractive price and creating a quality product for the industry through a bulk procurement process. The benefits of cost reduction achieved via bulk procurement are passed on to the consumer industries, hence making IE-3 motors more affordable. Further, the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP) issued a Quality Control order requiring all imported and domestically manufactured motors to conform to minimum IE2 class of efficiency as per the revised IS:12615 with effect from 1st October 2017.

In the initial phase, EESL targeted the 3-phase LT induction motors in the capacity range of 1.1 kW to 22 kW, preferably directly coupled with loads like pumps, fans, blowers, air compressors etc. After the successful completion of the first phase of NMRP and getting inputs from industries, vendors and other stakeholders, EESL released the second phase of NMRP to encourage the use of Premium Efficient (IE3) motors instead of old in efficient motors with motors range from 1HP to 100 HP.

Due to higher domestic demand, the Indian motor industry’s design and manufacturing capabilities will advance towards the global best practice level of IE3 at an accelerated pace and provide economies of scale for higher exports. The replacement programme will help to create additional skilled employment in technical services, financial services, manufacturing, sales, installation, after sales services, recycling etc 

Further, EESL provides multiple options for financing the project, and minimising the financial risk to the customer. These solutions will not only spur demand in the industry but enable transformation with reduced market prices.