Salient Features and Benefits

Salient Features

  • EESL has partnered with Thai Hotel and Hospitality Management Association (THMA) and Energy Conservation Center of Thailand (ECCT), and Sun Leisure World Corporation (Infinity Hotels and Resorts) for the implementation of the programme
  • The key objective of this program is to replace typical appliances like lighting, ceiling fans, room air-conditioners etc. in hotels, which compose about 70% -80% of a hotel’s total energy consumption, for which EESL has partnered with THMA, to deploy affordable energy efficient appliances with extended product features
  • EESL will provide 100% upfront investment for the programme, procuring appliances that comply with international standards and regulatory requirements of the Government of Thailand. EESL will redeem its investment directly from the hotels, which will be required to pay just 30% as the initial payment and the remaining 70% in 8-12 installments based on monetized energy savings over a maximum period of 2 years
  • EESL will also work towards capacity building and training in the sector and will develop, along with Energy Conservation Center of Thailand, suitable guidebooks, calculators, which will help the facility managers to keep data, analyze the energy consumption and procedures to improve the O & M practices
  • THMA & ECCT, along with EESL, will reward the hotels with certifications in future, depending upon their operating energy performance.
  • The programme will leverage EESL’s investment and bulk procurement model, while enabling significant savings in energy cost to hotels, thereby boosting the profitability of the Thailand’s hospitality sector. The resultant savings can then be injected back into the sector, enabling purchase of additional amenities and higher staff salaries by participating hotels



  • Attractive business model with EMI schemes on capital investment
  • 20-50 % more energy efficient appliances
  • Monetary benefit in operating energy Cost
  • Improvement in occupant Health
  • Additional benefit over regular maintenance cost
  • Contribution towards greener Environment through reduction in CO2 emission.