United Arab Emirates (UAE)

We have formed a joint venture (JV) - Energy Efficiency Services LLC, in partnership with M/s. Hansa Energy Solutions LLC, an ESCO approved by all major government bodies in UAE, to implement energy efficiency and renewable energy programmes in the United Arab Emirates, the Middle East and Africa.

As a part of our international foray, we are expanding our presence in the Middle East and Energy Efficiency Services LLC will be a pivotal step for utilising the vast potential for energy efficiency in the region. With this venture, the entire sector in the region will benefit from our experience in managing the world’s largest energy efficiency portfolio, with Hansa Energy providing in-depth field knowledge and local expertise.

The core areas of focus for the JV will be

  • LED Streetlights
  • Building Retrofits (Commercial and Industrial)
  • Trigeneration
  • Solar Programmes

These programmes implemented by Energy Efficiency Services LLC will be under a mix of Project Management Consultancy (PMC) and ESCO business models. The initiatives are expected to usher in considerable reduction of emissions, increase in energy and monetary savings, and peak demand avoidance in the Middle East.

Email: international@eesl.co.in