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In the UK, we will invest £ 100 million ($ 133.02 million) over 3 years to promote and implement low carbon, energy-efficient, renewable energy solutions in both the public and private sectors. We have acquired two operating companies with have energy saving projects valued at £ 7 million, in the education and leisure sectors.

To capitalise upon our strength in LED procurement at the lowest costs, we will replicate our successful UJALA model in the UK through the Pay-As-You-Save (PAYS) model. Further, EESL has collaborated with the Indian High Commission in London for a comprehensive retrofitting of their lighting with LEDs.

We are also exploring projects in Biomass Boilers and Smart Meters. We have entered a strategic partnership with Calvin Capital Limited, a leading UK based asset investment company. Calvin Capital undertakes funding, management, and tracking of gas and electricity meters on behalf of UK’s major energy suppliers in exchange for a service charge per meter per year. We are aiming to capitalise on the company’s success in metering, and acquire a presence in the UK metering market.

We are also looking at strategic partnerships with cleantech organisations across Europe.

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