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Department Name and Designation of Unit Head Email
Finance Ms. Renu Narang, Director (Finance) renunarang@eesl.co.in
Chief Operating Officer Mr. Venkatesh Dwivedi, Chief Genenral Manager (Technical) vdwivedi@eesl.co.in
Human Resource Ms. Urmila Mukherjee, Chief General Manager (HR) umukherjee@eesl.co.in
Corpotare Planning / International Operations / Public Relation Mr. Bhawanjeet Singh, CGM (Technical) bsingh1@eesl.co.in
UJALA Mr. Raj Kumar Rakhra, National Programe Manager (UJALA) rkrakhra@eesl.co.in
AJAY / GEF & Consultantcy Mr. S.P Garnaik, Chief General Manager (Technical) spgarnaik@eesl.co.in
MEEP Mr. Gursewak Singh, General Manager (Technical) gsingh1@eesl.co.in
Contracts,AgDSM & MuDSM/Solar Mr. Rajneesh Rana, General Manager (BD & Contracts) rana@eesl.co.in
Street Light Mr. Santosh Kumar Thakur, General Manager (Technical) skt@eesl.co.in
S&L / RTI & Grievance Mr Jaspal Singh Aujla, Chief General Manager (Technical) jsaujla@eesl.co.in
IT Mr. Avneesh Vats, Deputy General Manager (IT) avats@eesl.co.in
Commercial Mr. Prashant Kumar, General Manager (Commercial-Finance) pkumar3@eesl.co.in
CS Ms. Pooja Shukla, Company Secretary pshukla@eesl.co.in
Legal Mr. Prakash Jha, Additional General Manager (Legal and Regulatory Affairs) pjha@eesl.co.in
Smart Meters Mr. Raj Kumar Luthra, General Manager (Technical) rluthra@eesl.co.in
E-Vehicles Mr. D. G. Salpekar, General Manager (Technical) dsalpekar@eesl.co.in
Quality and Safety Cell Mr. Pankaj Mohan, Additional General Manager (Technical) pmohan@eesl.co.in
Buildings Mr. Sanjay, Deputy General Manager (Technical) sanjay@eesl.co.in
UK & Europe Ms. Neelima Jain, Regional Head njain@eesl.co.in
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