About MEEP

Home to one of the world’s biggest municipal systems, India is plagued by high operating expenses in the supply of water. Anywhere between 40% to 60 % of energy costs arise only from supplying water, and an estimated 4800 million units in electricity is wasted every year due to inefficient water pumps. India has immense potential to tap into savings from Municipal Energy Efficiency Programme (MEEP), which include retrofitting inefficient municipality pump sets.

Under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT), we will work with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to implement retrofits of energy efficient pumps across 500 Smart Cities.

EESL will also help urban local bodies (ULBs) with managerial, technical, and turnkey project implementation skills, and structuring project financing. Over 330 Indian cities will be audited for energy efficiency under AMRUT.

Through this initiative, EESL’s Municipal Energy Efficiency Programme (MEEP) will enable an annual savings of approximately Rs INR 32 billion (USD 492 million) and reduce 3.9 million tonnes in carbon emissions. Public water works and sewerage system replacements can be executed with no upfront cost to the municipal bodies, with investments recovered from savings in energy costs.

Through a cost-effective business model, and guaranteed comprehensive pump set maintenance and repair for the project duration, we are enabling India’s municipal corporations to switch to energy efficient programmes.

Several positives accrue out of this programme, such as reduced energy consumption, negligible equipment breakdown, real-time dashboard tracking of parameters, and easy monitoring of pumps and pump houses.