Building Management System

Due to the high cost of lighting and space heating and cooling, electricity consumption in Indian buildings is anticipated to triple by 2021. Buildings consume over 35% of India’s electrical energy, and the sector’s energy consumption is rising by 8% annually.

To unlock the building sector market’s energy efficiency potential, EESL’s Buildings Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP) will retrofit lighting and cooling appliances across buildings of the state government, industry, residences, and institutions.

We also provide a unique measurement system to help facility managers assess building power consumption.

Significant electrical energy waste results from lighting, audio-visual and information technology equipment left on when not in use. EESL’s Building Management System not only monitors consumption patterns, but also provide data-driven insight to optimise energy management strategies and minimise operational costs. The system can also give facility managers a snapshot of energy use comparison, energy cost comparison, and an overall sustainability report.

The EESL Building Management System enables the following:

  •  Individual section control
  •  Increased staff productivity
  •  Effective monitoring and targeting of energy consumption
  •  Improved building reliability and life
  •  Effective response to complaints