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Corporate Office :

4th & 5th Floor,IWAI Building,A-13,
Sector-1, Noida - 201301
Ph : 0120-4908000
Fax: 0120-4908099

Registered Office:

4th Floor, Sewa Bhawan, 
R.K Puram, New Delhi-110 066
Mail at :
Phone No:91(11)26179699

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                                                             Contact List:

4th & 5th Floor, IWAI Building, A-13, Sector-1, NOIDA-201301, U.P.
Reception No.: 0120-4908000
FAX No.: 4908049(MD Sect); 4908099 (Gen.),  Website: or 

Name Designation Landline/Direct No. E-mail ID
Saurabh Kumar Managing Director -
Johny Thomas Executive Secretary 4908002
Adesh Saxena Project Manager (DSM) 4783712
Director (Finance)
A.K. Gupta Director (Finance) 4783702
Lalit Talwar Personal Secretary 4908058
Director (Projects and BD)
S.N. Gaikwad Director (Projects & BD) 4783785
N.C. Jain Executive Secretary 4783703
General Manager-I (Technical)- Project Planning & Evaluation
P.N.Pavan Kumar GM (Technical) 4783742
Kaushal Pratap Singh Personal Assistant 4783776
Project Team-1: Street Lights Project- Tripura,Punjab, WB &Delhi and DELP- Punjab, Delhi & Assam
S.B. Datta Principal Consultant  (Lighting) 4908007
Pratyush Banerjee Manager (HR), (Site Office: Kolkata) -
Project Team-2: Street Lights Project [Rajasthan (Part-A)]
Venkatesh Dwivedi GM (Technical) 4908004
Ashish Kumar Sharma Manager (Technical) 4908022
Karan Arora Assistant Manager (Tech.) 4908031
V. Unnikrishnan Consultant (Site Office: Thiruvananthapuram) -
A. Chandran Consultant (Site Office: Puducherry) -
Project Team-3: Street Lights Project [Rajasthan (Part-B)]; DSM Unit 1
Prabhat Kumar Programme Manager 4783706
Alok Kumar Mishra Project Manager 4783746
Vivek Utpal Project Manager 4908021
Yogesh Kumar Rai Engineer 4783766
Project Team-4: Street Lights Project [Rajasthan (Part-C)]; DSM Unit-2
Vivek Talwar Regional Manager 4783754
Project Team-5: Street Lights Project [Rajasthan (Part D)]
Shashi Kant Sr. Manager (Technical) 4783744
Tosh Agrawal Engineer 4783746
Project Team-6: Street Lights Project [A.P. )Part A)]; Standards & Labelling; CSR
Jaspal Singh Aujla DGM (Technical) 4908015
Rahul Sharma Assistant Manager (Tech.) 4783745
Sandeep Chereddy AM (T) (West Godavari) -
Rahul Singh Kaler Engineer 4783729
Project Team-7: Street Lights Project [A.P. )Part B)]; Punjab & U.P.
Tarun Tayal DGM (BD) 4908010
Project Team-8:  Street Lights Project [A.P. )Part C)]; DSM Unit 4; Karnataka; Kerala
N. Mohan Manager (Technical) 4908026
Rounak Bandopadhyay Business Consultant 4908032
Project Team-9: SDMC (Street Lights Project); Industry; GEF
Pankaj Mohan Programme Manager 4908011
Project Team-10: Buildings
Ajay Raj Sr. Manager (Technical) 4908020
Ajay Alok Chaudhary Manager (Technical) 4783730
Common Service Team-1: Finance 1 - Pay & Accounts
Deepak Garg DGM (Finance) 4908014
Iqbal Singh Assistant Manager (Finance) 4908078
Common Service Team-1: Finance 2 - Project Appraisals
Sameer Agarwal DGM (Finance) 4908013
Common Service Team-1: Finance 3 - Resource Mobilization
Mohit Khatri DGM (Finance) 4908012
Common Service Team-1: Finance 4 - Commercial Unit
R.C. Gupta Senior Consultant 4908041
Vipul Khemchandani Manager (Finance) 4908084
Nitin Wadhwa DM (Finance) 4908079
Common Service Team-2: HR, Administration and IT
A.K. Arora Advisor (HR & Admin) 4908008
Vikram Kapoor Deputy Manager (HR) 4783725
Mayank Gaur Deputy Manager (IT/Sytems) 4908037
Common Service Team-3 (1): Contracts & Procurement
Rajneesh Rana DGM (BD & Contracts/AgDSM & MuDSM) 4908017
Kumar Saurabh Sr. Manager 4908027
Nitin Gupta Deputy Manager 4908038
Karthik S. AM (Contracts) 4908028
Common Service Team-3 (2): AgDSM & MuDSM
Rajneesh Rana DGM (BD & Contracts/AgDSM & MuDSM) 4908017
Shashi Kant Sr. Manager 4783744
Tosh Agrawal Engineer 4783746
B. N. Shekar Consultant (Site Office: Mysore) -
Common Service Team-4: DELP Planning & Coordination/ Corporate Communication
Neelima Jain National Prog. Manager (DELP) 4908006
Ashish Malviya Regional Manager 4908035
Nitin Bhatt Deputy Manager (PR) 4908036
Rahul Ghube Assistant Manager (Tech.) 4908030
Deepak Aggarwal Assistant Manager (Tech.) 4908023
Rajender Mashalkar Consultant (Mumbai) -
Sanjay Bhagra Consultant (Shimla) -
Shahbaz Md. Malik Consultant (Lucknow) -
Common Service Team-5: CS & Legal
Prakash Jha AGM (Legal & Regulatory Affairs) 4783754
Pooja Shukla Company Secretary & DM (Legal & Regulatory Affairs) 4908005
Common Service Team-6: Rajbhasha Cell
Shachindra Sharma Consultant (Rajbhasha) 4908009

Regional Office Officer Incharge Designation Telephone/Fax E-mail ID
Hyderabad Project Office Mr. A.Srinivas Rao Regional Manager 040-65554020
Mr. Ashokan G. DM (T)
Mumbai Project Office Mr. Dipak Hanmant Kokate & Mr. Sharat Chandra Project Manager & Assistant Manager 022-40021193 &
Vishakapatnam Project Office Mr. Ramesh T. Regional Manager 91-8912790460
Mr. Sai Viswanath Lolla AM (T)
Jaipur Project Office Dr. Ritu Singh Project Manager 0141-4044186
Shimla Project Office Mr. Sanjay Bhagra Consultant -
Kolkata Project Office Mr. Pratyush Banerjee & Mr. Rounak Bandopadhyay Manager (Projects) & DM (T) - &

DSM Planning & Coordination Cell
DSM Unit 1
Prabhat Kumar Programme Manager (DSM) 4783706
Vivek Utpal Project Manager (DSM) 4908021
DSM Unit 2
Vivek Talwar RM (DSM) 4783754
Alok Kumar Mishra Project Manager (DSM) 4783746
DSM Unit 3
Neelima Jain National Prog. Manager (DELP) 4908006
Dipak Hanmant Kokate Project Manager (DSM) -
DSM Unit 4
N. Mohan  Manager (Technical) & National Prog. Coordinator (Street Light) 4908026
Rounak Bandopadhyay Business Consultant (DSM) -

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